01 July 2010


So, in the excitement of getting the preview of the photographs for Grandpa's luau and mom being busy taking new pictures in hopes of getting the ecommerce part of our new website up and running... here are pictures of the invitations to Grandpa's Luau!

Details includes a flower & shell lei, a pair of fun sunglasses (my grandpa actually brought his with him LOL), a hibiscus flower, a message in a Coke bottle (the message of course being the invitation itself, bilingual of course in Hawaiian and English), and a bottle cap necklace that included a picture of my Grandpa (at about 20 years old).

I would like to say that we got our rsvp cards back, but we didn't, almost all of our guests called instead of breaking up the invitation!?! My Grandpa did RSVP, though my Grandma thought it would be funny to send the regrets card instead, and she is normally not the one with the sense of humor!

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