22 August 2008

We are putting together a small guide to add to each of our invitation orders that we send out.

Question!?! What would you have liked to have know about your invitations before you mailed them? Advise, etc. that would have made your life easier & less stressful if you wouldn't have learned it the hard way!

So far what we are including:

* Addresses for Mickey & Minnie Mouse (and other fun people) along with what you get, how long it takes, etc.

* Advise on numbering the back of your rsvp card.

* Postal Advise (which Don will be writing, since he has been a postal employee/carrier for 22 years!

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!


Peony said...

Can we be friends? =)` Don't worry, I'm just completely impressed by all the work I've perused on your blog and on Etsy. You're very, very talented.

I'm starting up a wedding consulting service and was wondering how much it would cost to 1) have you come up with a design for my business card and to get it on press or 2) if I have someone else design it, how much to have it letter pressed?


Sally Ann said...

Peony, would love to respond, but your blog is not public, so I have no way to respond! If you would like, you can contact me at info@invitedink.com and I would be happy to respond :o) Thank You!

MM Ink said...


This is a late post (sorry) but adding calligraphy options would be great; as well as a possible list of a few recommendations. I would love to be one of them - MM Ink (www.mminkdesigns.com). I would be happy to discuss possibilities of working together and send samples in the mail. Thanks Moya and your designs are beautiful!