26 April 2008

Talk about neglect!

So many things have happened since September!

• I got one year older!

• I accidently partially amputated my right pointer finger (which we now refer to as the 'pointy pointer' finger lol)

Thank God it wasn't my entire hand! Learning to type again has been hard enough!

• We opened a new etsy store: RE*INKED. A eco-friendly green american made recycled stationery!

Something that I have had by the waist side for a long time but just couldn't find the time for, but the next thing made it possible:

• I no longer work for Kelly Paper! Yeah me!

• That also made time for Don, Jack Cat and I to become the new adopted parents of 'Diego'. A two year old chihuahua :o)

I will be making every effort to update not only my blog, but my myspace, which I hadn't been on since December!

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